November 9, 2009

Stamps of the Week

Recently a woman from Hawaii contacted me online after seeing some of my artwork and asked if I would be interested in some stamps that she had that she was hoping to recycle somehow. Never one to turn down stamps, I was quite happy to get them from her and found some of these beauties amongst them.

I love this little bird. I have never seen this stamp before and I have a separate collection of bird stamps which I'll be adding him to.

Due to my complete plant nerdiness, I'm always intrigued by the flower stamps and these two do not disappoint in my opinion.

I've only included this next one because the first few times that I looked at it, I thought this stamp had a bunch of giraffes on it! But, umm, uh, no those are not giraffes....doh!

I love all things Asia, including this stamp. I wish I could blow it up into a large painting for my house.

This one is colorful, fun AND includes flowers. Let's all go dance in the grass in India.... I actually have friends traveling through India right now and I'm super envious, so I couldn't leave this one out.

Tammy Faye makeup.

French stamps always have great colors and design. I have a separate collection of these as well because they're all so easy to look at.

Another stamp for my ship collection. I love the perspective of this stamp as if the viewer is in the water too.

This one just cracks me up because I have a lot of visions about Mongolia, but admittedly none of them include speed racers...