July 18, 2009

Stamps of the Week

My blog posting has been really light this week because I'm working on two research projects which are taking up a lot of my time, but it's a short growing season above treeline and I should be done in a couple of weeks and things can get back to normal.

I have a few more cool stamps from my recent score of new stamps. This first one is from Australia. I love it because it's just so 80's! I know it says 1965 on it, but really, who can look at this stamp and NOT think B-52's??

Scary warrior guy holding a little head. I love the colors in this stamp and the look on the warriors face. I've run across a few stamps similar to this and they're some of my favorites.

Never one to leave out plant life, I found a few more great flower stamps. The Nippon stamp has great colors and I love the design on the Amnesty International stamp.

Last but not least, a fabulous ship! I have a separate collection of ship stamps because I'm fascinated by all things ocean and this is going to be a fabulous addition. I think I'm getting close to doing a project with all of my ship stamps but I'm still working out the design details in my head.

July 12, 2009

Stamps of the Week

I have another set of what I think are really cool stamps. I'm always drawn to really tiny stamps. You'll find them in most of my work and when I run across them, I usually set them aside and lay them down last so that they don't get buried by the larger stamps. South Africa seems to put out a lot of these miniature stamps. The stamps in this set are all about 1cm wide by 2 cm tall (less than an inch). They are about half the size of a regular US stamp. I've never seen this Nicaraguan one before and I love the color.

The stamps in this set are also smaller than most regular stamps, but a bit bigger than the first set.

As always, I have to include bird of flower stamps. I love both of these bird stamps. I like the the bird in the first one is almost hidden in the background of the stamp and I love the choppy illustration in the second one.

Who could pass up this little ladybug? I like that there's a skull on this stamp to offset the almost overly-cuteness of the ladybug. Great design and great color.

July 7, 2009

The Bird Stamps Have Busted Loose....

I've been working on a new mixed media piece over the last couple of weeks and didn't finish it for a while because I was debating which stamps to use for the tree. I've done other somewhat similar pieces to this one but I've always used one bold color in the tree and lots of stamps that are in different shades of the color I've chosen. I wanted to do something a little different with this one but hadn't hit on the right design yet.

I was looking through my collection of stamps over the weekend and decided it was finally time to bust out my little collection of bird stamps and let them loose on the world. I took most of the bird stamps that I've been collecting and used them for the leaves of this tree. Every stamp is place in such a way that you can see at least the head of the bird. More pics of the final piece can be seen here.