January 16, 2012

South Pole Botanic Gardens

Amusing myself on a Sunday afternoon. This was a quick installation I did outside last weekend at -17 degrees F, with the help of my friend Wendy (seen in the TtV shot).

I intended to recreate what I miss most here...

January 9, 2012

Twin Otter

I haven't had much time for shooting lately but last weekend I finally made it out to the Twin Otter for some photos. These small planes are used for flying all around Antarctica. This particular one is based at South Pole and flies from here out to the field camps that are within several hundred miles.

January 2, 2012

Day & Night Flower Series

I shot a lot of photos in the greenhouse before everything was torn out last week. These are some of my favorite black & whites. Anyone that knows me well knows how fascinated I am by flowers and plants in general. I love seeing them in black & white because it's always the small, perfectly formed bits that intrigue me, not the colors, and shooting them in black & white makes me pay more attention to the details.