February 29, 2012

Vintage Stamps

I ran across this while cleaning out my studio last night. It was a small test for a larger series of collages I wanted to do.

Always fascinated by vintage stamps, I especially love the colors of these.

February 28, 2012

Things I Love...

I recently got an old Canon AE1 camera so that I could shoot this old Canon lens that I have (which I've been shooting on a different camera and LOVE it!). It seemed only fitting that the first roll should capture some of my favorite things on beautiful black & white film. 

SX-70 that survived the South Pole

I'm a sucker for a good street lamp...

Some kind of Magnolia found in a park in Auckland, NZ


My favorite flips that just died and were buried in Auckland.

February 20, 2012

Devonport, New Zealand

The other day I took a ferry over to the little town of Devonport across from Auckland, New Zealand, on the advice of a friend. It's a colorful little town with sweet cafes on every corner. Perfect for drinking wine on the sidewalk while people watching... And as a bonus, while wandering up the hill in the middle of town I found this fun row of yarn-bombed street rails.

Heading Home...

I finally left Antarctica several days ago. We flew from South Pole, a 3 hour flight, to McMurdo on the coast, where we spent a couple of hours waiting for our plane from New Zealand to arrive. Then we made the 5 hour flight to Christchurch, NZ, where we were greeted with humidity and the lovely smell of dirt and vegetation and the best part, a night sky. We haven't seen the darkness since we left NZ at the first of November. I didn't think I had missed it, but apparently I have.

These photos are from our flights. This is what happens when one ends a season at South Pole and makes their way back to the real world...