August 18, 2010

Only the Size of the Trees Have Changed....

But we're still chopping down old growth forests. I saw this old postcard at the antique book & paper fair that I went to a couple of weeks ago and couldn't leave it behind. It's a good reminder for me that sometimes we do things to the environment that simply can't be undone.

August 17, 2010

Antique Postcards

I recently went to an antique book & paper fair held in Denver and found some great antique postcards with flowers. As I also collect stamps, I love that several of these have stamps and postal cancellations that are almost a century old.

The 'out with the old, in with the new' theme of this first postcard is what attracted my attention as the little gnome seems to be trying to deadhead the 1906 flower to make room for the 1907 flower.

This postcard was sent to a local address- 3029 Vine St. in June of 1917. I thought it might be neat to see if this house still existed so I took a short excursion today and found it.

August 16, 2010

Miniature Farm Animals

We spent the weekend at my mom's place in southern Colorado for our annual family reunion. I took the opportunity to photograph some of her miniature farm animals using The Impossible Project's new polaroid film- both the silver shade and the even newer color shade.  I'm still experimenting with how to get the best photos from this slightly sensitive film but I love the dreamy quality of this film.

August 10, 2010

First Shots with New Impossible Project Color Film

These are my first shots using the new Color Shade film by The Impossible Project for Polaroid cameras. A lovely, slightly finicky, dreamy film to work with.

The first two shots are of the Denver Public Library- a really beautiful building.  The last shot is the first beet harvest from my community garden plot.