March 15, 2009

New Stamps

Yesterday I received a fantastic shipment of a couple hundred triangular stamps from someone in Argentina, which I've been waiting to arrive for many weeks now.  Well it was well worth the wait.  These are just a very few of them.  The colors and designs are really striking.  

 I love when new stamps arrive either by post or by friends, and I get to sift through them, imagining the stories that they tell and how they will play into the stories that I tell in my art pieces.  I probably spend entirely too much time on this phase of the process, but it's mesmerizing, for hours sometimes.  

My problem now with the new stamps is deciding just what to use them for.  Sometimes I get stamps that are just so interesting!  And I have a really hard time giving them up to a piece because I know that most of them get partially or fully covered up by the time I'm done.  

I had an idea of what I wanted to do with the triangles when I originally ordered them, but they're such great stamps, I may need to find a more interesting and prominent use for them in my work now.

Andrea at Studio6

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