July 12, 2009

Stamps of the Week

I have another set of what I think are really cool stamps. I'm always drawn to really tiny stamps. You'll find them in most of my work and when I run across them, I usually set them aside and lay them down last so that they don't get buried by the larger stamps. South Africa seems to put out a lot of these miniature stamps. The stamps in this set are all about 1cm wide by 2 cm tall (less than an inch). They are about half the size of a regular US stamp. I've never seen this Nicaraguan one before and I love the color.

The stamps in this set are also smaller than most regular stamps, but a bit bigger than the first set.

As always, I have to include bird of flower stamps. I love both of these bird stamps. I like the the bird in the first one is almost hidden in the background of the stamp and I love the choppy illustration in the second one.

Who could pass up this little ladybug? I like that there's a skull on this stamp to offset the almost overly-cuteness of the ladybug. Great design and great color.