December 8, 2009

Window Farms

Yes- you read that right. Window farm. I ran across this website recently which is all about this movement to create indoor window vegetable farms. They have plans and pictures and it looks amazing.

I think I've mentioned before that I recently went back to school to get my Ecology degree and I'm a plant nerd, so the idea of a window farm is thrilling! And I have almost a month off starting in a few days so this is my winter break project. I love that this is a D-I-Y project and the site has some great How-To manuals which should be really helpful in getting me sorted out on how to build this little farm. I miss gardening in the winter so this is the perfect solution. We live in a really old house with tall narrow windows that will be great for a window farm. Unfortunately none of them are south facing, but they do get lots of direct light in the summer so I may just need to supplement the light a little bit for part of the winter.
Now I just have to do the following:
  • Design the farm
  • Pick the plants (if only there were a way to grow coffee beans to support my habit...)
  • Collect used plastic bottles
  • Get seeds
  • Get other stuff
  • Put it all together
Simple! Maybe. Ok, probably not.

I'll be documenting the farm building progress here on my blog so stay tuned...


  1. Nice to see you back :) What a beautiful way to grow plants :) I am looking at my garden shrivelling in the frosts we've been having :(

    Thankfully they usually survive most frosts :)

    Hvae a wonderful weekend, regards, T.

  2. Thanks! I hadn't realized just how long it was between posts- life simply takes over sometimes.

    Yes- my outdoor garden is under snow now and I haven't even gotten my spring bulbs planted yet. The window farm should make for a nice winter diversion:)

  3. Good luck - looks quite interesting. I've become your newest follower, so I'll be checking in!

    Cheers from a Canadian in Ghana