November 3, 2010

Day 3 of Polaroid Week

It's Day 3 and the fabulous polaroids are rolling in to the 'Roid Week flickr pool.  You can check out my favorites from the week here.

These are my 2 entries for today.  A vibrant rainbow victorian house in my neighborhood that came out with delicate colors and a sculpture from the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.

In other news, my first mixed media piece from my new water series is nearly done and I'll try to post it this weekend if it's completed.  It's taken me many many MANY more hours than I anticipated to do it, but it's coming along.

My plan is to do three smaller pieces as a test run but my original vision was to do one large canvas with all three forms in it.  A much larger undertaking than I had initially planned given how long it's taking me to do one very small piece, but I'm still hoping to do it.  At this rate, I anticipate that the large piece will be done sometime late next year.

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