April 16, 2011

Tilt-shifted Perspective

I had coffee with a new friend yesterday (Amy of amysoldschool) and we were talking about some of the cool tilt-shift photos that are out there.  She inspired me to look into it a little more when I got home and I found a fun website that lets you tilt-shift your photos.  Of course, it's not the same as having a true tilt-shift lens on your camera (which I desperately want now!), but it still makes for an interesting change in perspective in your photos.   There are probably more sophisticated software apps out there for this type of manipulation but this particular one is quick & easy.

I love how it makes everything look miniature.  This is a photo I took in Cairo a few years back.  The cars look like Hotwheels now.

Not to leave the pyramids out of the fun...  Large landscape pictures seem to work really well for this.

This is the tundra lab which is a research lab above treeline in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where I work in the summer.  Those little black dots on the left are people crossing the mountain.  This is my favorite one.

A last one of McMurdo Station, Antarctica from my last summer there in 2005.   The solid white in the background is the frozen sea ice with mountains out beyond.

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  1. these look ace! going to have to look in to a tilt shift camera now...