August 7, 2011

Peanut Growing Update!

Exciting things are happening with our peanut plants!  I'm glad I didn't read up on growing peanuts earlier or I wouldn't have been so pleasantly surprised at what's happening with our peanut plants right now.  Apparently, once the plant flowers, it sends a little part of the flower down into the soil to make a peanut.  You can see the little purple stems growing downward from the spent flower.  Eventually they'll reach the soil and grown down into it an inch or two and make a peanut.  

I'm a little concerned that our growing season might be a little too short as they require 4-5 months of heat but it's a fun garden experiment in any case.  And strangely, we planted 3 plants.  One in a container and two in the ground.  Our container plant is doing the best- it's thriving and beautiful.  

Stay tuned for further updates in the fall....

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