September 17, 2011

Skate Park Kicks

This is a little outside of what I normally shoot, but I'm really trying not to limit myself to just shooting my favorite subjects (plants, architecture & bicycles!) so today I rode downtown looking for something new to shoot.  Admittedly, I was hoping to find some pretty fall trees dressed in bright shades of yellow, but there weren't any.

Eventually I ended up at the skate park by Coors Field and hung out with the skaters for a couple of hours. They were all so into practicing their jumps that I don't even think they noticed me.  Except for the little girls, who all moved to the other side of the park when I arrived presumably to keep from getting photographed.

I could watch racing skate boards all day long...  I just wish I could ride like that but I'm not sure my body would survive the learning curve to get there at this point.

1 comment:

  1. i love watching skaters. it takes me back to my childhood too when i TRIED to skate... ha !

    thanks for coming by my blog. so glad you were inspired by sydney's work too !