January 31, 2010

Watercolor Flowers

I'm still doing some drawings and paintings of flowers for my 'flowers & physics' series which I hope to start working on in earnest next week. These little flowers were 'painted' with watercolor pencils. I'm really enjoying working with these because of the depth of color that you can get with them and I can control the precision a little bit more as well.

One thing I've just noticed about my flowers, which I hadn't realized until today, is that none of them are real. By real I mean that none of them are based on a single real flower. I think I've been drawing and painting the flowers I'd like to see by combining colors, shapes and details from some of my favorites. I spend a lot of time with flowers in my 'other' life, paying attention to the details and frequently having to sketch them in my field books as I'm collecting data. This seems to be bleeding over into my art more and more.

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