May 22, 2010

New Postcards from Postcrossing

I received a few postcards in the mail this week and thought I would share my favorites.

This first one is from Chrome- the bike people in San Fransisco. They had this program going on a few weeks ago where if you sent them an old beat up pair of shoes, they would send you a free pair of Chrome shoes. So I sent them some old kicks and got new ones in the mail, plus this cool postcard.

This is my favorite postcard that came this week. This came from someone in Hong Kong. I love it's colorful quirkiness. Now I want a bike helmet with birds coming out of it.

This postcard is a painting of the Neva river in St. Petersburg. If you've ever read any Russian literature, then you've heard of the great Neva river.

This last one is from China. China was such a great country to travel through- I'm fascinated by the country and can't wait to go back someday. And this postcard looks weirdly similar to the Neva one above it, no?

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