June 12, 2011


Home from Spain and already reliving our many days filled with wandering the cobblestone streets of old towns with positively ancient structures and history, imbibing in good coffee, wine and tapas at every turn.

It was a great trip and I'm still quite jet-lagged as well as dealing with the minor medical issue that sent me home earlier than I had planned but I thought I would post a quick update.

Spain was everything I thought it might be and so much more!  These are some photos from one of my favorite buildings that we came across in the Moorish quarter of Granada last week.  With its picturesque white-washed brick walls and red-tiled roof it embodies what I thought all the buildings would look like prior to going to Spain.  As a bonus, it had a huge variety of plants growing on it.  There are few places I like to see plants making a little life for themselves more than on the tops of buildings.  This particular building was sprouting an enormous amount of vegetation and I wish I could have taken a stroll across the rooftop to get a closer look.

More photos to come later...


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