November 2, 2011


Yesterday I flew from McMurdo to South Pole Station, Antarctica. In case you've ever wondered what Antarctic taxis, airports or runways look like, here are a few photos. It was a beautiful day with relatively warm temperatures at McMurdo.

We had a lot of delays and spent a few hours at the airport waiting for the plane to be fixed, which gave the weather at South Pole just enough time to warm up enough for us to land and me plenty of time to wander the airfield taking photos.

The flight to Pole was only about 3 hours on the LC130. I was greeted with a biting breeze and old friends and I'm really happy to be here. Something I wasn't sure I'd be able to say...

Delta Taxi

Waiting at the Airfield

This taxi is named Tina Marie

Airfield Buildings

Runway snow being cleared

My plane waiting for us to load

Emergency vehicles

New friends on the unheated taxi- Wendy, Zondra, Sean

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