November 1, 2011

Where Time Stands Still...

Oranges at the Church of Bones

The wedding I went to in Portugal recently was in a little town called Evora. During the day the streets were filled with tourists and the little alleys were buzzing with small cars, ancient scooters & miniature delivery trucks. 

But in the morning, before the town woke, everything was very quiet and I spent several hours wandering the background texture of daily life in this town. A few old people could be found strolling the narrow passageways in the slow rise of the sun, avoiding me, keeping their solitary meandering to themselves. It was as if time stood still in those early morning hours and they were perhaps the best moments of my trip. Certainly the most still.  

A man alone with his thoughts.

A town filled with geraniums. One of my favorite flowers.

Next to a front door entry.

There were lots of birds hanging in the alleys.
More oranges at the Church of Bones.
Colorful pinwheels.
Early morning at the church. 
The groom's mother


  1. location looks SO dreamy! I adore it! :)

    Absolutely gorgeous photos!

  2. Thank you so much! It really is a beautiful little town. I highly recommend making a stop if you're ever in the area.