August 24, 2009

Stamps of the Week- Ships

I thought for the next few weeks for my 'Stamps of the Week' it might be fun to show you some of the more interesting stamps that I keep in smaller collections which are separated from the main collection that I use in my art. From time to time, I will do themed art pieces using one of my smaller collections, but for the most part these are stamps that I love too much to part with.

This is my small collection of ship stamps. I have actually used many ship stamps in my mixed media art pieces because I didn't start separating the ships out until just a few months ago. It took me a while to realize that there are a LOT of ship stamps out there! And then I decided that I should start keeping them. I actually did a 'ship' themed canvas several months ago, but I'm not satisfied with how it turned out, which is unfortunate because I used some of my favorite ship stamps in it.

I digress. Here are a few fun ones:

I'm always fascinated by the triangle stamps.
Most of the triangle stamps I've found are from South America, but this one is surprisingly a US stamp. AND it has a ship, so it's doubly cool.

Ship stamps from a couple of my favorite places.

These make me wonder about Malta. I know nothing about it. Except that I haven't been there and I'd like to see the Megalithic Temples in Malta. Someday.

Lastly, a couple of nice tall ships. I really like stamps in either black & white or black & brown. Maybe because they remind me of newspapers and books, both of which I love to read.

I've finished my summer work in the mountains and now it's back to classes, blogging, working on some new art pieces and getting my life back to a little more normalcy. Next week I'll be posting some things from my collection of Canadian stamps and hopefully blogging some other fun things in between.

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