August 2, 2009

Stamps of the Week

I know, it's been 2 weeks since I've posted anything new on my blog. I'm working in the field for a couple more weeks doing vegetation surveys and counting flowers and I'm gone from 5am till 6 or 7 at night. I find it hard to blog when I'm so tired after hiking in the mountains all day. So today I thought I would do a BIG post of 'Stamps of the Week'. I've decided to go through my smaller stamp collections and start highlighting those for the next few weeks.

These stamps are all from my vegetation collection of stamps. It's mostly flowers, but I do love trees so there are lots of those too....

In this first set, I particularly love the tree on the bottom. I think you could live in a tree like that and never feel like you had to come down.

I like these stamps for the simple colors and designs.

These are a little crooked, but nonetheless, they're colorful and make me want to paint them....

The same for these.....

We spent a month in the Cook Islands 'recovering' after our long winter at South Pole- so I love all things 'Cook Islands' but especially their stamps, and stamps with flowers are all the better.

I have a soft spot for all three of these next countries, as well as for these stamps!

I like these for the blue hues.

And last, but never least, some of my very favorite flowers. I found my very first Calypso bulbosas in the woods this year. They were REALLY tiny, almost hidden among the foliage and if the hill hadn't been so steep as to put them at eye level with me, I would have completely missed them. They survived for about three weeks in the shade and I only found three of them.

I have never seen this flower, but I would love too. This stamp is fabulous!

And finally, the 'Shooting Star' flower. This is one of my all time favorite wild flowers. If you have never seen this flower, get yourself to the Rocky Mountains ASAP and go hiking above 9,000'.
The area where I've been doing vegetation surveys this years has many meadows that are FULL to the brim with these flowers! I love seeing thousands of them together in one place. A truly beautiful and inspiring flower....

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