October 25, 2009


National Novel Writing Month is coming up! It begins on November 1st, as it does every year. If you've never heard of it, but always wanted to write a novel, then this is the event for you! All the details can be found at:

This is something I DREAM of doing! Ever since I heard about it a few years ago I've wanted to participate, but first I had a job that deployed me to Antarctica during November, then I had a job that took up every hour of every day essentially, and then I went back to school and spent all my time studying. Which is where I still am. So once again, I won't be participating this year but I AM planning my class schedule so that hopefully NEXT year I can finally participate.

I think this is a fabulous opportunity for all writers, or wannabe writers (my category...), to put the pressure on themselves to complete a large piece of writing, and to have it read, AND possibly published. The worst thing that can happen is that you don't win. But either way, you end up with a novel that you wrote. Nothing bad can come from that. I'll be a bit envious, but also oh-so-psyched if you live my dream this year. NaNoWriMo. One short month. One long novel...

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