March 22, 2010

The Impossible Project: It's Possible!

If you're not familiar with The Impossible Project  let me familiarize you with it.  The Impossible Project is a group that bought one of the last Polaroid instant film factories after Polaroid decided to stop making the film in 2008.  This group decided to take up the challenge of reinventing instant film for the thousands of old Polaroid cameras floating around in the world.  It's been a long project for them, but TODAY after many months of waiting they unveiled their NEW instant film and it's gorgeous!!!!  You can see some of their super fabulous test photos here. The film will be for sale starting March 25th- only 3 short days from now!

I've been not-so-patiently waiting for this big day.  I'm really excited.  I mean REALLY excited!  Here's my Polaroid camera collection just waiting to test out the new film:


  1. Oh I am excited too, I had no idea anyone was doing this, going to dig out the old camera, YAY!

  2. It won't be long now Poppy! March 25th!