March 16, 2010

It's Spring Somewhere Already.... Here's Proof!

No, it really is spring somewhere and soon it will be spring here too.  I'm dying to plant flowers, find a beach to travel too and just laze around outdoors.  In the meantime, I torture myself with great photos from around the world like these and eagerly await my own blue, sunny days in Denver with flowers blooming in profusion.

These photos were all taken with Holga cameras and I'm especially excited for spring this year so that I can take my own new Holga out and explore the world with this new perspective.  I just love these shots that I found and wanted to share....

Sound of spring by Jeansman found here:

Daff and camelia by mccheek found here:

Spring explodes by kevin dooley found here:

Early spring #2 by noe** found here:

Early spring #1 by noe** found here:

Pool games are not a joke by chaps1 found here:

Chester the seaful by rhett maxwell found here:

Holga misiones Flowers, Yaracuy, Venezuela by rahuldlucca found here:

Flower by Shoichi Masuhara found here:

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