May 11, 2011

18 Years and Some Hiccups

My blog has been quiet lately because I've been busy working to complete a goal that I should have completed 18 years ago.  I've finally graduated from college.  No one is happier about this than my parents, but I'm pretty happy about it too.

I went to college out of high school just like everyone else but a car wreck near the end of my first semester proved to be a long challenge that left school out in the cold for many years.  Then life came along and I started traveling and working and eventually had a successful career in Human Resources.

Along the way I took a lot of classes and came within several classes of completing my degree in HR, but 4 years ago I tired of doing workplace investigations, constantly seeing the darker sides of people, and decided I couldn't spend any more of my life doing work that kept me awake at night.  So I decided to go back to school to study plants and finally finish my degree.

And with Peter's amazing support all along the way, 1 short week ago, I did finish!

Photo by Peter Rejcek

Of course the big question now is- what next?  I'm really torn between finding a way to live a creative life where my time and pursuits are my own (as well as make me a living) and pursuing a PhD to do research, which is a time intensive commitment that will require limiting my creative pursuits.  It's a tough decision, and one I can't make today.

For now, I'm looking forward to a long trip to Spain to celebrate my graduation, spending time taking photographs and working on the myriad of half-finished art projects that have pile up of the last couple of years as I had less & less time to work on them.  Oh, and I'll be back to blogging on a more regular basis.


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