May 13, 2011

TtV Photo Traipsing...

Today I went photo traipsing with my friend Amy through the Denver Botanic Gardens.  We were both shooting TtV and explored every nook & cranny of the gardens.

I've been shooting TtV with a Kodak Duaflex II but I've been wanting to shoot with my Argus Seventy-Five for a while now so I finally built a contraption to fit it last night and these photos were all taken with the Argus.  The lenses give softer edges to the photos and I'm generally a lot more pleased with it.  An unexpected bonus was that the contraption for the Argus only took about a 1/10 of the time to build that it took to build one for the Duaflex.

Bye bye Duaflex!  There's a new TtV favorite it town.  I'm heading to Spain later this month and definitely taking the Argus now.

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