July 2, 2011

52 Saturdays 2011- Casa Verde Community Garden

The first thing I generally see on Saturdays is my community garden.  A colorful, quirky little corner of the city that's a block away from our row house.  It's finally starting to fill in with greenery and we finally have a tomato turning orange.  Perhaps the best part of the garden, besides my plants, is the fun mural on the back wall and faux graffiti painted benches.  Next door is  a tiny little 'Tiendita' that has continual traffic and numerous pay phone users that stand next to the garden giving away their life story at top volume while we water & weed.  

The garden tends to collect a lot of trash- thrown in & blown in.  Today my plot had a bunch of cigarette butts in it.  It's annoying & really frustrating, but I like that I have a very small corner of the world where I can grown things in the ground and there is a working hose for watering.  The one in our micro-mini backyard has never worked and it's all patio- no dirt.  The community garden is a small luxury in my life.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Casa Verde Garden, Baker Neighborhood, Denver

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  1. I love this space. I live in NC but often wish I lived back in the Pacific NW. If you want, ck out or There is a wonderful "secret" garden in San Diego that your spot reminded me of. Be well & garden fruitfully.