July 16, 2011

Garden Survivors

We had some pretty substantial hail earlier this week, the largest of which were the size of large cherry tomatoes.  The sound of these ice chunks crashing against the window, roof and car was enough to make anyone cringe, but to watch them pummeling flowers & plants was enough to make any gardener cry.  We're not too happy about the roof leaks but we're even more sad about the devastation to our hops plants. 

It was the first year we've ever grown hops and they were starting to look really gorgeous- filling the 'sky' of our backyard with luscious green leaves as they wound their way across our continually expanding network of strings high above people and plants.  The tomato plants were happy to have a bit of partial shading by the hops, the bees were having fun flitting and flirting with the newly formed flowers on the hops and thus everyone in the garden was happy.  Sadly, the hail severed a number of major 'limbs' on the hops, shredded their beautiful leaves and left them in a critical state.  It's a little too early to tell if they're all going to survive.  It was a sad day in the backyard garden and we haven't even checked in our community garden plot yet... 

This morning I was out cleaning up some of the mess in the back and found that our little peanut plant, another first year growing experiment, has happily survived and even has its first bright, sunny flowers spreading a little cheer amongst the destruction.  A single geranium survived, a handful of pansies and our favorite sweet smelling miniature flowers.  Enough to still enjoy a little patio time on a Saturday morning in the city. 

Have a great weekend!

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