July 30, 2011

A Very Special Camera...

A few months ago my best friend's dad came through Denver and stayed with us for a couple of nights.  We got to talking about cameras and shooting film and he said he was going to send me an old SLR that he had that he had used for all the family photos while K and her brothers were growing up.

Unbelievably, and generously, he did send it to me!  A fun Asahi Pentax SP500, along with a slew of accessories and lenses.  I was shocked and more than a bit honored that he would entrust this bit of his family's history to me and I actually feel a bit guilty about using it, not being an official part of the family.  But for now it resides with me and I aim to make good use of it.

I've just gotten around to cleaning it up and taking the first few test shots with it.  It seems to be in working order, though I am having a bit of trouble with the focus in some cases but I assume that this is simply operator error and practice will alleviate the problem.  

This camera means a lot to me.  It's special and I hope I can do it justice by putting it to good use. I'm guessing it will take more pictures of K, and who knows, maybe even some of her family again.
K as a kid taken by her dad.
A few of my test shots from this morning.  

My cruiser

It really is this yellow...

It's one of my favorite subjects to photograph.

Hubdude is growing hops in the backyard.

I don't drink beer, but I do love these pretty hops.
The hardiest geraniums on the planet I think.

Somehow have managed not to kill these in this heat.
Pepper that survived the huge hail a few weeks ago.

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