July 10, 2011

BioFlex- What's Not to Love?

I got this BioFlex a few months ago and promptly turned it into a linocut.  It's one of my favorite prints and maybe just the start of a series of linocuts of all my favorite vintage cameras.  It's a large camera- much bigger than an Argus Seventy-Five so it looks a lot like a toy.  

The unfortunate thing about this particular camera (mine) is that the winding knob was broken when I got it so I very carefully super glued it back in place but apparently not careful enough because now it's solidly locked in place and doesn't wind at all!  So I have yet to actually be able to shoot this camera.  Lesson learned... I'm still trying to find a way to undo the glue without ruining the camera but in the meantime I just enjoy looking at it.

In other news... less than 24 hours to go till 'Roid Week 2011 begins!


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