February 21, 2010

Downright Dramatic Denver Graffiti

I'll just state right off the bat that I don't advocate public graffiti without permission, nor do I enjoy seeing the crappy little 'tags' in one color that some graffiti perpetrators leave all over the city. But sometimes, you run across graffiti pieces that you can't help but smile at- like the huge Obama one that my neighbor did during the election that made it into the NY Times because the City of Denver insisted on fining him for putting up an 'election advertisement' that was larger than the allowed maximum. On his alleyway fence... Here's the picture NYT ran:

Yesterday I ran across some more artful graffiti around the corner from my house and went back today to take photos of it. This white field is normally full of weeds, broken glass and a dirty brown fence. I have to say, I was delighted to see this yesterday- it just looks so great with the snow and adds a little color to this drab corner of the Denver Art District.

While I was walking over to photograph the fence above, I wandered down one of the alleyways between here and there and saw this spectacularly purple graffiti- this is in the alley behind my house. What's not to love? Except maybe the home owner's that perhaps didn't give permission for this graffiti-mural on their house.... I particularly love how they just incorporated the pipe on the wall right into the man's face rather than painting around it.

I took my Polaroid camera along on this trip and will post some of those tomorrow.

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