February 28, 2010

Latest Obsession: Infrared Photography

I very easily become obsessed with new projects.  My latest is infrared photography.  After seeing some IR images online I immediately knew it was my kind of photography.  I'm still working on procuring a camera. Some of the best cameras for this type of photography were made around 2000 and can be found on eBay but as with all things eBay, it can take a little patience to get exactly what you want. 

I also have to get a filter, which seems a little harder to come by- I haven't seen any listings for the size I'm going to need but I'll keep checking.  In the end I think it will be well worth it if I am able to produce images that are anywhere near as interesting as these.  There's such a magical, mystical quality to IR images that fascinates me.  

Photo by Paul at


Photo by Chad at

Photo by Kyle May at 


Photo by Aitor Escauriaza at 

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  1. These are just beautiful. I can't wait for spring/foliage so I can take more IR photos! Very inspiring!