December 5, 2010

Don't Underestimate the Baby

In the spring I picked up a Kodak Baby Brownie Special camera for about $2 on eBay.  The listing was about 3 words long and I had no idea if the camera would work, but for $2 it was worth the risk.

I really like these cameras because they're tiny and you can shoot square pictures on the 127 film.  I like square pictures and I like small cameras, so we were the perfect match.  When my mother saw it she said that the Baby Brownie Special was her first camera as a kid and she loved it.  So it only seems appropriate that one found it's way into my hands and now after getting my first photos back, I love it too.

Sadly I should note that while I'm excited about taking square photos on this camera, I had the setting wrong and my first rolls didn't come out square.  Doh!

This is my Baby Brownie Special.  To give you some perspective if you've never seen one, it's about 2 1/2 inches (6 cm) tall.

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