December 4, 2010

A Rare Gray Day in Denver

 Few weeks ago on one of the wonderful but oh-so-rare gray days in Denver, hubdude and I rode our cruisers downtown to explore and we both had new cameras to test out.  I recently got an old Italian camera, a Bencini Koroll CMF, that shoots 120.  The camera itself is incredibly beautiful and I'm really happy with these first photos from it too, though I could have used a bit more light.  And I love that I can shoot square photos with it.

This first one is an old church in our neighborhood.  Denver has dozens of really old stone and brick churches.  They're beautiful and I'm always fascinated by their proud steeples shooting into the sky.  I rarely seem to photograph any other part of the churches.

This is shot from the top deck of the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art.  It's a great place to get coffee and you usually have the deck and the view to yourself.  Well worth the price of a membership.  The second photo is the roof above the deck.


  1. Oh how I miss Denver. *sigh*

  2. I can see why- it's a lovely town to live in. I only wish we had a few more of these cool, gray days. It's my favorite weather.