December 6, 2010

Postage Stamps of the Week- Indonesia and Other Things

Well, this post isn't really about Indonesia, but I rarely ever come across postage stamps from Indonesia- this is only the first or second one I'm gotten out of close to 50,000 stamps.  I don't know why.  But I got married there and it's an incredible country, so it's a special place to me and I love seeing a stamp from Indo.

I just love the graphics this next set. 

It would be nearly impossible for me to pick just one favorite postage stamp because there are a lot of great competitors in the pool, but this Espana stamp below would be in my top three.  In person, this stamp has incredible color- it's wildly pink!  And I find it rather hilarious with Mr.'s very non-wild expression.  I've used many of these stamps in my art as well.

Numerous Mr. Espana in this one!


  1. These are excellent! What an awesome collection!

  2. Thanks! I can actually lose hours of my life sorting and sifting through piles of them. There are always new and neat things to see.