December 13, 2010

Postage Stamps of the Week- All OVER the Place!

No theme this week- just a bunch of stamps that have been piling up that I really like. 

This is in anticipation of a little project that I'm starting next week which is to cover my road bike frame with postage stamps.  I have a new (used) Bianchi to replace the Bianchi Volpe I had (that I LOVED!) that was stolen last year.  But I don't ride this one much, partially because I'm afraid it will get stolen due to the Bianchi label on it.  So it's getting a 'paint job' with postage stamps and some of these will be on it.

I have yet to determine the theme for my 'paint job' but it will likely either be all plants, all ships or all countries that I've been too.  It will partially depend on how many stamps I can cull from my collection in each group and how easy/difficult it will be to part with them.  I'd really like to cover it in yellow stamps, but sadly yellow postage stamps seem to be the most underrepresented stamp color in pretty much the entire world.  Anyway, stay tuned.  Pics of the project coming next week...

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