October 13, 2011

Positively Playful Palace

On my first full day in Lisbon, a few of us went to Sintra, which is a tiny little town just outside of Lisbon, to see the Pena National Palace, which looks like a little castle.  I've never seen such a lively, colorful palace before and would like to have spent many more hours wandering through it.

The outside of the palace, while worn and obviously very old, was brightly colored in hues of red, yellow & blue. Perhaps my favorite part of the castle were all of the vibrant tiles, some with a raised texture to them, and the bold doorways. Apparently they chose to build on this hill because of the great views over Lisbon and to the sea, which makes for better defense. It's a beautiful location surrounded by a huge lush park and a short walk to the cute little historical town of Sintra with it's twisting cobblestone streets and ancient buildings.

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