October 12, 2011

Return from Portugal & Spain

I'm finally home from my Portugal & Spain trip. The wedding was incredibly fun and it was great to see my friend Glenn. I haven't seen him he came to Bali in 2003 for our wedding because he's been living in Saudi Arabia, but it was like no time had passed. Which is what I love about great friends... The saddest moment of course was saying goodbye, not knowing how long it might be before I get to see him again.

There wasn't much time to see Portugal but I did get to spend a couple of days wandering the streets of Évora and Lisbon before returning to Madrid for the last week of my trip. I saw just enough of Portugal to know that I'd like to go back someday. 

I have lots of photos which will take a while to get through but here are a couple from one of the prettiest buildings that I saw my first day in Lisbon.

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