June 14, 2009

Busy Week in the Studio

It's been a busy week. I finished off my commissioned piece, which I blogged about earlier this week. I've also been working on a new acrylic painting- a 12 x 16" piece in multiple shades of blue, which I finished this afternoon. I'll post pictures of it tomorrow.

I'm working on another piece that I'm donating this week to a fundraiser for a friend of mine. She has a 4 year old daughter that was diagnosed with a cancerous stage 4 brain tumor at the end of last year. Her chances are somewhat slim, but she has survived 6 months now and we're all hopeful that Tayler will be around for many more years to come. The fundraiser is being held by their HOA in order to help with the medical bills for Tayler. The event will be held at the Wildlife Experience Museum in Denver on June 27th (more information is here:

I was also asked to donate some promo items for goodie bags for an art show in California. I was planning to donate something and have been laying out designs, but the thought of making 25-50 small pieces is a little daunting considering that they need them in less than 10 days. I might have to shelve this project.

What I'm really excited about is that I bought a 3' x 3' canvas this week. I'm planning to do a LARGE underwater scene similar to this and this but MUCH bigger and much more intricate with a multitude of underwater organisms. I'm really excited about this project. The size of this big blank canvas that is staring at me is admittedly a little intimidating and I think it will take a long time to complete, but I'm ultimately interested in working on much larger pieces than I have been, so this will be a good start. I also bought a whole box of 5 canvases that are 24" x 24" as well. So I'm going to be busy for a while!

Tomorrow, stamps of the week.

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