June 17, 2009

Mixed Media Online Resources

I've been wandering around the web the last few days looking for some information on a couple of mixed media methods/techniques that I'd like to try and have found some really cool mixed media related websites.


This artist has some amazing work and has some really good how-to's on her website.


This website is actually a marketplace, but it's not the first thing you'll come to when you go there. They have some great resources, including tutorials, a listing of art challenges and some great artist interviews. I thoroughly enjoyed perusing this site.


Art e-zine is a UK website. It's not the most intuitive to maneuver around or the easiest to read, BUT it has GREAT how-to's, tutorials and loads of other information. Great site if you can suffer a bit through the difficult to read text.


This is an artist's website. She posts how-to's on various methods and techniques that she uses in her work. I really like the twisted fabric painting information. I'm not sure I'll ever do it myself, but it's highly entertaining to me to read about what methods others are using.

If you're looking for new methods or information on techniques you'd like to try, check these out.

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  1. Interesting post..very informative..I wish I had the skill to paint..But sadly my painting ends with walls...I envy you your talent.