June 29, 2009

Re-working an Art Piece

Sometimes after looking at a piece for a while I think that perhaps it really isn't quite finished and my mind starts devising ways to keep working on it. This is the case with a small flower piece I created several months ago. It's on the wall close to my desk so I see it quite a bit and over the last week or so I've been thinking that it felt not quite complete. Here is the original piece:

On Friday I discovered a fabulous little art shop in my neighborhood and perhaps the most exciting part of the shop is all of the incredible hand-made papers that they sell. I came home with several sheets of incredible paper. Then it struck me what I needed to do with this piece so I pulled it from my shop and re-worked it. Here is the final piece (more pictures of it here):

I'm really happy that I went back to this piece and worked it some more. I think the results are better and it gets my message across more effectively.

Tomorrow, stamps of the week!

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