June 10, 2009

Commissioned Piece: Well Traveled Trout

Once again, I've been slack in my blogging. I've been busy trying to sort out my summer research project and spent a long weekend at a family reunion cruise to the Bahamas. But now I'm back to the studio and blogging.

I was asked to do a commissioned piece for someone a couple of weeks ago with some very loose parameters. I turned my focus to fish and created 3 different pieces, which includes the 2 most recent listings in my shop (you can see them here: I made several pieces because I thought the buyer might like to have a choice and I had some extra time.

The fish pieces that ended up listed in my shop were a bit of a departure from the type of work I've been doing, but I really enjoyed making them and it has led to new ideas that will take my work in different directions in the near future. My buyer seemed to like them, but they weren't quite what she was looking for.

The 3rd, and last, piece I made was more in keeping with my recent work and she immediately responded by saying it was exactly what she had in mind- so I guess we both win. She gets the piece she envisioned and I have a new direction.

I created this piece last because it took me a really long time to sort out the design. I laid it all out several times but wasn't happy with the results until this last iteration, which I finally laid on canvas this week. I present to you the 'Well Traveled Trout':

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