May 21, 2009

Latest Artwork in Process

I'm working on my largest piece ever- 3 feet wide by 16 inches tall. I'm reeeally excited about it. It was a little nerve wracking to have such a huge (i.e. expensive!) blank canvas and wonder if I would create a disaster of it. There's always that possibility, but I'm really pleased with how the background came out though it took me f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

I considered doing the entire background in stamps but by the time I did all of the sides and a border around the face of the canvas I realized it would be too noisy to see any picture that I might design on top. This has been somewhat of an issue with a couple of my other pieces- I think some of the details of the picture gets lost in the background sometimes. So instead of finishing off the background with stamps, I used pages from a french paperback book called 'D'amour et d'exil'. It's 10 years old so the paper has yellowed nicely.

Once I settled on using paper, my piece really came together and went a whole new direction as I began creating a cloud-like effect with the paper. And I'm just really happy with how it is turning out so far.

These pictures show the piece in it's current state. I'm still working out some of the details of the layout for my picture so the little piles of colored stamps are just sitting on top of the canvas right now as I play with placement, color and design.

If you click on the pictures you can see larger versions with more detail.

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