May 18, 2009

Stamps of the Week

Last night I was sifting and sorting stamps for my next project and I ended up with a huge stack of 'someday' stamps. Those are stamps that I set aside for a 'special' project that will happen 'someday'. But really, they're just stamps that I like to look at and so I set them aside telling myself that I will use them for the 'perfect' project someday. I have to say, this stack is growing ridiculously large....

This first one is a bit scary. Being a tree-hugger, I find it a little disturbing, but I like her hair.

This one has great colors and I'm always partial to colorful stamps with a perfectly placed cancellation stamp.

This next stamp is one that I used for the center of a piece I made a couple of months ago titled 'Incognito'. I didn't think I would ever see this stamp again, but as luck would have it, I found two of them last night. And I promptly set them both aside. These are both going into my next piece with will be a grouping of flowers on a very large canvas.

This one is yellow. So I love it. There are SO few yellow stamps! I don't know why this is, but I think yellow is the least used color in postage stamps. I almost never run across them and when I do, they get set aside. I have a big project planned to do a picture of my 'hot yellow' Nirve bike. It's a cruiser that my hub-dude won on the radio. The frame is handmade and it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. And I love riding it. The tires have 'flames' embedded in the rubber. So I want to do canvas piece but I need a lot of yellow stamps.

I love birds. I have binoculars and a bird book. I think that makes me a bird geek. So be it. I set aside all of the bird stamps. They are all fascinating to me. I love the crest on this little guy. It reminds me of a native American Indian headdress.

I chose this one for the lines. I love how the entire tree looks like a leaf. I've drawn some similar trees, which might be why I like this stamp so much. This stamp is a great illustration of how much you can convey with just a simple straight line.

These last three I really liked for the interesting buildings. Who can resist a castle? I love the silver background on that one. I love the blue design behind the building in this first one and the bricks in the last stamp.

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