May 28, 2009

New Piece- Global Village at Sunrise

I finished a new piece today titled 'Global Village at Sunrise'. I really love this blue (this is the blue that I used for the background of yesterday's 'Stamps of the Week') and had initially intended for it to be a dark, dreary, rainy sky (my favorite kind of sky in real life!) but this blue is such a vibrant color, it simply screamed for something more colorful.

I tried to capture the colorfulness of traveling overseas. When I went to China, I really had in my mind that everything would be drab browns and grays. I don't know why I had this impression beforehand, but I did. Traveling through China, however, gave me a completely different perspective on things as it was an incredibly colorful country- vibrant and alive with color, and kindness, everywhere. With this piece, I was really trying to capture the moment that I came to this realization when I was in China. I have never viewed the world the same since then.

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