May 9, 2009

Mid-painting of the Studio...

Well, everything is taped and I have one wall painted as well as the window sill. I wanted non-VOC paints but they only come in rather dull colors, so the studio won't be quite as fab as I was hoping, but it wasn't really negotiable.

The gray wall is a little more blue than gray, but I like it so the blue/gray is staying. In a couple of hours I can paint the other two walls which are going to be a pale yellow called 'Ray of Hope'. It looks reeeeeeally pale, but so did the blue/gray and it's actually pretty dark. So we'll see. I've taken pictures along the way which I'll post tomorrow when I'm all done.

One things I'm stuck on: On the blue/gray wall I want to paint three yellow 'frames' but the walls have yucky texture on them and I don't know how to get a really REALLY straight line taped off with the texture in order to have perfectly straight lines on the frames. Hope google can save the day. Again. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.....

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  1. This is totally from the web and untried, but an idea:

    Apply your masking tape to wall. Then using the blue/gray paint across the edge of the tape which will "seal" the gaps. Let it dry. Then paint your Yellow border. Before you pull the tape make sure the yellow is completely dry before pulling tape.