April 19, 2009

Latest news.....

Today I have to start my blog off with some sad news. Cori and I have decided to split up our shop. We had a meeting yesterday and decided that it was probably the right thing to do from a business perspective. It's sad to me, because she's one of my best friends and it's more fun to be in business with someone else than to go it alone. But the financial side of things is just too tricky with two of us and with selling such completely different things. So, Cori has opened a new shop- Rockmania Designs- but to me she'll always be Studio7. And I'll be sticking with the Studio6or7 shop. I'll be blogging about Cori's new shop and her latest series of jewelry once she gets everything up and rolling so stay tuned...

On the good news front, I've converted my children's illustrations into some small canvas art pieces. You can find them all in my shop here: These are pictures of my latest. I love these little guys. I have all my work hanging in my studio but these guys are front & center over my desk to keep me company. They talk a lot more than the trees & flowers...

Here I present to you the Blockhead Birds.

This is Entz the Blockheaded Bird.

This is Igor the Blockheaded Bird. He really likes his sombrero. I'm looking for some longer stamps to make some B I G sombreros next.

This is Jungle Jack- he's a blockhead too. It just occurred to me while looking at this picture that he looks afraid. Kind of like I was when we went to Taman Negara and I had leaches all over me. I don't love the jungle either Jack.

And this is me photographing my new little guys. I live in a house built in 1888 with some fabulously wavy brick walls. I love taking pictures of the walls.

So the Blockheads have been born finally. There are more on the way. I'm working on elephants, monkeys, penguins and a few other Blockheads. More to come....

Andrea at Studio6or7

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