April 4, 2009

'Profusion of Blooms' is Finally Finished!

I've been working on ,and talking about, this piece for a couple of weeks now. I finally finished it this morning and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I was hoping to capture the colors of all the pink blooms that come out for such a short time in Denver each spring. Here's the finished piece:

I've posted a couple of earlier posts on this blogs (see below) on the process for putting this piece together. First I laid down the vegetation (green), then the sky (blue) and then the tree trunk and branches. These two pictures show what the piece looked like before I laid down the blooms.

I didn't take any pictures during the process of laying down the blooms, which took me several days. I laid down approximately 3 layers of blooms and then added just a few more until I had achieved the tree that I set out to create. There are more pics of the finished piece on my Etsy site here:

My next project is going to be something a little different. Stay tuned for updates later this week....

Andrea at Studio 6


  1. No mention of your nearby muse?

  2. nice idea! love stamps

  3. The stamp artwork is just beautiful! So creative.