April 10, 2009

Vintage Paris

I've always been fascinated with Paris, even though it took me about 25 years to get there after my fascination first began. So I was delighted the other day when I stumbled upon this really beautiful vintage 1977 book on Paris. I can't keep looking at all the great pictures. Here are a few of my favorites.

There are dancers, for you have to have dancers in Paris, though it seems they lost their clothes in the 60's:

Some strong food themes. This first photo is a picnic on a boat on the Seine:

There are glamorous women sprinkled throughout, because aren't all women in Paris glamorous? (Except for perhaps the spying madame just above....):

And of course, the requisite lovers:

There are dozens of other pictures in this book, but these are some of my favorites.

I wish I could have been there a few decades ago when all this fun was going on. I made a trip to Paris while backpacking around Europe during the winter of 2005, and while I don't recall seeing all the glamorous people found in this book, the city itself was unforgettable. I was fascinated with the trees and misty grayness of it all. I also found museum-like graveyards that I wanted to spend days wandering around in, there can be no more beautiful city to be buried in.

These are of couple of my pictures of modern day Paris:

Andrea at Studio6

(Not to plug my vintage shop, but there are several more photos from this book in my shop listing for it:


  1. I love the vintage Paris photos. So fascinating.

  2. All these pictures are fantastic..Thank you so much for sharing these...