April 21, 2009

They're Finally Here! Earth Art!

I somehow survived winter, but what really got me through was knowing that THIS day would eventually come- the plants are finally here! Both the bulbs I planted last fall and the pansies and herbs I pick up from a really great garden shop that we have in the city. I find it impossible to improve on nature, so today I give you earth art, which is really the best kind.

This is the garlic that I planted last fall. I really didn't expect to see anything come up because the bed is in full shade. But here they are! There are in fact too many and some will have to come out. I also planted 'walking onions' but they haven't come up yet.

This is 'hot & spice oregano'. I can't wait to try it. I really bought it because it was covered with silver hair, but it's supposed to be yummy too. Bonus!

THIS little gem will be the darling of the container garden. THIS is 'mojito mint'! We didn't grow any mint last year and just about went broke trying to buy enough to keep up with our mojito drinking. Not this year! This year we're going to grow LOTS of mint. Especially 'mojito mint'. Come over for mojitos!

This is 'mesclun mix' for my hub-dude's salads. I don't really eat salad, but I'll tolerate these colorful little beauties in the garden any time! I'm planting purple carrots with them so it should be an interesting mix.

And finally, my favorites. The 'sherbert' pansies! I know, pansies have to constantly be dead-headed but with these little charmers, they will bloom until October if you keep up with it. I even had some that survived the winter and just produced their first flowers today. I also have some of these that sprouted up in the rock walkway over the winter. I was going to pull them out, but pansies make everything look better! So they get to stay, at least until they get trampled...

I really want to learn to paint with watercolors, just so I can paint pansies. I also picked up some 'blood orange' pansies but they don't have blooms yet. They're sure to be spectacular.
Today I give you earth art, in honor of earth day. What fantastic earth art do you have in your yard?
Tomorrow, more fabulous and interesting stamps from around the world.

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