April 6, 2009

Vintage Illustrations

I've started a second shop on Etsy to sell vintage, because I love vintage. One of the things I particularly love in all its vintage forms is vintage books. It's the illustrations that stand out for me. They are simple line drawings, perhaps water colored, from a simpler time.

I have a thing for trees and found this vintage book called 'How to Know the Trees' from 1946. These are some of my favorite illustrations from it:

I found what I thought to be a rather scary book, I mean scary if I was 5, called 'The Man with the Moon-Eyed Horse'. The illustrations are great, but the horse is scary, and so is the man. Of course, he's in jail here, so no need to worry that he really IS going to rob the train:

I also found two lovely little vintage books about various wild animals. They both had amazing illustrations, one in color, one in black and white:

I don't have kids, but if I did, they would definitely have a few of these vintage books in the mix. After all, who doesn't want to ride a tiger or hug a little quetzal after seeing those pictures?

Andrea at Studio 6


  1. I love all of these vintage illustrations, especially the little boy with the dogs. And that artist you covet below; Johnny Taylor Art, I've never seen his work, but I love it and I hearted him. :) Who needs treasuries? ;)

  2. Who needs treasuries! I said the same thing yesterday when I saw a blog with a post about 'covetable collections'.