April 9, 2009

My Favorite 'Design' Sites!

I love design blogs because those people are so creative! And I get great ideas.

One of my favorite design blogs is design*sponge ( They have DIY projects; 'sneak peeks' of designers very cool houses- not McMansions, but ordinary yet extraordinary homes; 'mini-trends' for great new ideas; and 'before and after' projects. I love looking at these to see what fabulous things other people are doing. I always hope these will kick me into gear to finish up MY before and after projects, like the thrift chair finds cluttering the living room that need to be refinished, the vintage garden cart in the backyard that needs to be repainted, etc...

Another NOT design blog, but a website that I get design ideas from is The Selby ( The website is self-described as 'the selby features photographs, paintings and videos by todd selby of interesting people and their creative spaces'. And indeed it does. It's a fascinating look into the lives and creative spaces of some really interesting people, including Michael Stipe, Audrey Mascina and Bootsy Holler. I could spend hours playing on this website. I especially like the little illustrations that the photographer has all of his subjects do at the end of the interviews.

If you enjoy seeing how other people live and what design for themselves, I think you'll love both of these sites.

Andrea at Studio6

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  1. Thank for the heads up about this...will have to check it out...